3 Reasons Why You Should Backup Your PC or Mac

For those who aren’t familiar with the term, to back up a computer simply means to create a copy of the files from that device and to save it elsewhere as a precaution. Backing up your computer can seem like a somewhat daunting or unnecessary task, but the benefits drastically outweigh the costs when you take into consideration the amount of frustration and time it can save you from in the future.

Prepare for the Worst

More often than not, we tend to overload the storage on our devices, completely ignoring the fact that if a crash were to occur we would lose everything. Irreplaceable files such as family photos could be unobtainable in the event that our laptop was stolen or if it suffered internal or external damages. Years and years of important documents could be wiped in a flash with one accidental click of a button. For this reason, it is essential to back up your Mac or PC regularly to ensure that your files will be in a safe, easily accessible place. 

Protect Sensitive Information

The longer you put off backing up your devices, the more at risk you are for not only losing your information but also for having private information end up in the wrong hands. If your computer is stolen without you having ran a backup on that device, the person who stole your computer is now the only person with access to all of your personal information and financial records. By having both your computer and your backup device, such as an external hard drive, password protected you are putting yourself in control of who is able to access your sensitive information and ensuring yourself a copy of your records in case of an emergency. 

Preserve Storage

External Hard Drives are also beneficial because they help to free up storage space and avoid any storage related problems that could make your computer perform slower than normal. Although it is recommended to have files saved in two different places at all times, if needed you can keep only files that are essential at the moment on your computer but have copies of all original files saved externally. By having files backed up on an external device, the process of transferring documents and photos across multiple devices can now be easier than ever.