Hiring The Right Person For Your Team

When hiring a new employee for your team, it is important to remember that whether an employee is in the customer service department, on the financial team, or working as a C-level executive, when interacting with customers or the public, every employee represents a facet of your business. A business will only ever be as good as the employees who work there. Hiring the right people is therefore essential to maintaining your reputation as a company and a trusted partner to your clients or customers. In order to ensure you are hiring the right individual for your team, we encourage you to consider the topics discussed below. 

Customer Service 

No matter which department or facet of your business you are hiring for, we argue that it is equally as important to hire someone who is respectful toward fellow co-workers and clients or customers, as it is to ensure they are knowledgeable in their field. Strong interpersonal skills are desired at all employee levels, and an integral part of the foundation for growing your business. The number one reason first-time customers have given for not returning to a business is a poor customer service experience. 

Business Growth 

While it may seem like common knowledge, hiring the right individuals upfront reduces your need to hire more people as your business grows. Candidates who are interested in your company, and invested in the company’s future, are more likely to take on new roles as your business develops.  

Financial Savings 

When you hire the right employees into each open position, you reduce the time & costs associated with hiring and training a replacement in the future. Although sometimes intuition tries to take over, and we want to impulsively hire a candidate that our gut is pointing us to, looking at a candidate in full – including their resume, experience, and interview responses – we may find that those with the most charisma or personality are not always the most qualified for the role. Hiring a qualified candidate from the start allows the employee to hit the ground running, and begin making valuable contributions to your team. 

Overall Company Morale 

It is important for team members to get along, and share a similar vision or common goal. Extending an offer to an individual who does not jive with your company’s culture, can be as detrimental as hiring someone without the right experience. Additionally, if you make a bad hire and are forced to replace them shortly after their hire date, you may cause existing team members to feel unsettled, which leads to overall lower morale and productivity levels. 

The list above is an outline of concepts we refer back to when adding a new member to any of our internal teams, and hope that if you utilize the same checks and balances you are successful in creating the culture and teams that will benefit your business. If you find yourself struggling to create a compatible and successful team, using a staffing agency may be another option to check out. Good luck!